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Photography, a beautiful art makes every moment live. The nostalgic moments are preserved one and only with photography. We, Leoda studios, leading wedding photographers in Coimbatore, India are a team of obsessively passionate and energetic guys who are well-skilled in videography and photography. The originality, heart fullness of any event is flickered in our camera that runs in your memory at all times.

Great photography is a blend of beautiful light, a unique location and dynamic composition that captures to create emotions. The emotions are kept alive as photos and videos.

We are outstanding in team of shooting wedding portraits, product, editorial, travel shots where a comfortable professional shot along with quality results are guaranteed. Leoda Studios Coimbatore is specialized in Wedding, Travel and Advertising photography. Our portfolios on Candid wedding photography & videography, wildlife & travel photography, Editorial & event photography are landmarks of our professionalism. That’s why people call us for clicks and shoots not only from Coimbatore but also from other parts. A team of 8 professionals strives to give the best enticing moments to our clients. Want to keep your exiting moments alive always? Then reach us to bring your emotions lively.

Candid Wedding Photography

We shoot the wedding from a journalistic perspective without touching the scene. Candid wedding photography involves taking pictures of people who are unaware that they are clicked. The candid wedding photographer simply flies to capture the scene without altering by giving direction to the people. But, sometimes a candid wedding photographer may give certain direction so as to get better clicks beside candid pictures. In this photography, some posed pictures are always essential which need to be documented.

During the Sangeet night usually, we enjoy the dance especially the dance of wedding couple. Generally, a décor guy keeps the best light or smoke effect for this performance. But, a candid wedding photographer makes the function happens live by setting the camera along with the right amount of flash to ensure that colorful ambiance is shown. Hence, we can see how a traditional wedding photography differs from a candid wedding photography.

Post wedding photoshoot

Post wedding photoshoot will be a couple’s ever remembrance of the wedding. This shoot adds intimacy between the couple and makes them more comfortable. Post wedding photoshoot captures you memories to tell the story to the viewers in future. Actually, the reason behind the photoshoot is the couple will be really tired and occupied throughout the day. They won’t find time to spend closely. So, post-wedding photography is the best outlet for their closeness.

Pre-wedding photoshoot

It is a fairy new trend in entire Asia. In pre-wedding photoshoot the couples wear their wedding outfits and pick out their favorites poses, locations to preserve their photos forever which are not possible during the wedding. Some couples choose a pre-wedding photographer

for this session that could ease a photographer to learn more about the partners and how to work with them to produce the best alluring photos.

Wedding Videography

Wedding videography purely captures the entire wedding event from the start to end with no artistry. An editing is used after the wedding videography to have a little cut before going to DVD form. This is a conservative custom since a long time and definitely, no endings however, may have some upgrading.

Baby photography

A baby is the climax product of two married souls. Soon after the delivery, a mother and the entire family would start to enjoy every movement of the baby. Particularly, the parents would like to click every twist, curl, turn and crawl of the mischievous cutty month by month. When she turns one, on her first birthday, all light flashes fall on the young little angel and every shot is taken to keep the entire event memories in the books. So, baby photography is inevitable in the current scenario and that would keep the memories always green.

Product catalogue photography

Most of the companies run a successful business by displaying quality photos of their products. Whether it is an e-commerce, printed catalogue, it is vital to have sharp, clear and high-resolution images of the products. We shoot for bright & white backgrounds, translucent layered images, and reflective high gloss images that print-ready for catalogue layout. We stage the product with special properties, or backdrop to embellish the products.

Lifestyle and fashion photography

Lifestyle photography surmounts images like food, products, interior design, landscape views etc. It can even include clothing. Fashion photography is only clothing-focused. Many model shows, ramp walks, and other fashion-oriented events are getting captured in fashion photography. Lifestyle shoots always have a great deal behind the scenes production values, stylists, wardrobe, models, lights, location etc all blending together for creating a natural looking shot.

Event Photography

Event photography is mostly considered in corporate, trade shows, business meet, discourse etc. The moments are captured every year and filed for their future reference. Event photography captures an event from the beginning to end and finally gives the output as a DVD. A fine photographer would make the event the best forever with his flickers.

Conserve you every happy moment in the form of photography and videography. It might be an energizer whenever you see or show to others. Mainly, it is a repository to your heirs. Choosing a right Photographer and Videographer will make your moments flamboyant…… Reach us to add colors to your scintillating moments

We Guarantee a Comfortable, Professional Shoot with Quality Results.


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